I know the first thing you think about when you see this is Cheryl has lost her mind, but I assure you I haven’t. I know that phrase usually means one person trying to do everything but what I am referring to are the individuals who make up the team.

Let me explain a little further.

At Minnie’s Food Pantry I have a great staff and some great volunteers who make it all happen. Each one of these people has different experiences, share different beliefs and live in different areas but we come together to accomplish one goal.

As a media professional I also have a team of my friends, family and others who support and believe in what I am doing. They all work just as hard as I do sometimes to make my dreams come true, especially my husband.

So the I in team that I am referring to are the individuals who sacrifice a little peace of themselves to make the team work. We all have teams. In our personal and professional lives but what is your I that you are bringing to the table that makes the team better? Sometimes it may only be your motivation but with your I the team may lack the get up and go they need.

We all need our I’s in the team because without it, the world would be a little less brighter.