There is always something to be said about the faithful few who wait until the clock strikes midnight to revamp, reorganize and rearrange their lives. I call these the New Year’s Resolutionaries.  You know the people who are determined to do things bigger and better at the top of every year, to only be disappointed and downtrodden by the spring and at the latest the summer. Now, in no way am I knocking or mocking these people for their efforts to make changes with their lives because every step towards a better life begins with trying. But if you are the NYR I want you to challenge yourself to do things a little different this year. I want you to make yourself a promise to not commit to the trend of resolutions but to the promise of taking Action for you like on a daily basis.

Here’s what I mean.

Instead of making a resolution to lose weight or hit the gym everyday (Like I did last year), make a promise to yourself that you will first love the person you see in the mirror. Accept your flaws and everything that you may feel you need to change because self-love is the only way you are going to make a true change in your life. If you need to lose weight, be realistic. Never try to get to a particular size because that size might not go with your body type. Instead talk with your doctor to see how you can make healthy adjustments to your diet and exercise routine. This will allow you to love what you see and make the changes you want and need to make for your benefit.

make a promise to yourself that you will first love the person you see in the mirror.

Please don’t make promises to clear out all of your debt in one year because unless you win the lottery, that maybe an unrealistic expectation. What I find easy to do is save a little here and there, curb bad spending habits and get rid of the things you don’t need by selling them on eBay or at garage sales. This actually is quite easy because you are able to make a real assessment of where you are financially and make gradual steps to get there without eating noodles every day. But again, the first step is accepting where you and having a plan on getting where you need and want to be by the end of the year.

Try not limiting yourself to just one year to accomplish your goals. I think one of the most stressful things you can do to yourself is be stressed because of time limits. When you set a goal for yourself, start it in the new year but don’t limit it to just 365 days. Go above and beyond and make it a part of your lifestyle. I mean, who wants to only save for one year or lose weight for just one year? No one. So get rid of those yearly limits and make it a lifestyle change.

Involve people who want to change their lives as well. No man is an island and no one said you have to set goals alone. You can call up a friend to start a new journey in your life. It’s always fun to have an accountability partner anyway because they help you stay on track, just like you can help them.

Take time to praise yourself even for the smallest accomplishments. Don’t go out an splurge or eat an unhealthy meal. But enjoy your milestones even if they are minor to you. If you lose one pound, celebrate it. If you save $1, celebrate it. A good pat on the back always keeps the moral going and it let’s you know that it’s okay to slow down and smell the blessings that God has afforded you.

All in all… it’s not about seeing how much you can save or how much weight you can lose. It’s about changing your lifestyle for the better and becoming a better person overall. Never take your life for granted by putting time limits on when you should do things. It’s not worth it and quite honestly, you might miss the assignment or blessing God has for you. So let’s make a promise to get out of the habit of New Year’s Resolutions and get into the habit of New Lifestyles for a better and more fulfilling life. Here’s to a Happy New You!

Take Action