Black History Month is one of the most significant months for Blacks in America. We are able to highlight those individuals who have contributed so much to so many throughout history. I have been blessed to meet some of those noted people, even if their lives never shined brightly to others.

My post today is to spark a conversation with you today to see where you are mentally with building your legacy. I for one wanted to build Minnie’s Food Pantry to make sure the world knew my mother’s name. I didn’t realize that God would be using me to create legacies for others. But He is. Despite being told I would never be a real journalist, I have built a legacy where I am able to help and teach others how to get in the know and live their dreams. My legacy building started with recognition and has helped others to live their lives to the fullest.

Here are some of the things I did to build my legacy:

  1. I stopped just thinking about it and started do it.
  2. I remained humbled and had a teachable spirit.
  3. I wasn’t afraid to cry and then pray harder than I cried.
  4. I mapped out where I was and where I wanted my family and I to be.
  5. I didn’t accept no for an answer and I made a way.
  6. I left bread crumbs for others to follow me.
  7. I sought mentorship and guidance from those I looked up to.

These are just some of the steps that I took to building a legacy. Remember, it’s not all about wealth, it’s about your ability to keep moving even when the world has thrown the kitchen sink at you. The biggest key to building a legacy is never doubting that you were called to do what you believe you were called to do.
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~ Love