This year proved to be one of the best years for me. There were so many things that I was able to experience, see and accomplish. Whew! It felt as if I was constantly on the move, and I was. I want to thank everyone who made this year a great year… each of you truly touched my life in a way you truly don’t understand. Talk about a blessing. So without further delay here are some great moments of 2014:

  1. Dr. Cheryl Action Jackson has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well that’s because my mother and I received an honorary doctorate degree in November at our Feed Just One Gala. Need I say more?
  2. My entire family survived 2014! Thank God that everyone is happy and healthy. They loved and supported me in all my wild adventures and I drove my hairdresser Melissa Lewis crazy with last minute cries of help.
  3. Having a video of Oprah Winfrey SINGING my name (not just saying my name)… what a delight to have such a great woman KNOW who I am and what I do.  Now if I can get her to the gala in 2015!
  4. Celebrating Minnie’s Food Pantry Gala and having Torii and Katrina Hunter give us our first six-figure check for $110,000 was incredible. Pat Smith and Sally Lou Loveman helped created a WOW moment as my gala host. Having Brad, my friend, from Entertainment Tonight, sponsor the event made it even larger than life. Honoring Devon Franklin, Kirk Franklin, Katrina Hunter, Jody Dean and Pat Houston made the event more special.  The world’s greatest saxophonist Angella Christie played at the Gala AND in my living room. My friends flew in from around the world to show me love. Thank you Lauretta, Tomeka, Arian and Lonnell bought someone else a ticket. WOW!
  5. Seeing my granddaughter Camille’s face on the advertisement at the local McDonald’s. It’s a blessing to see the seeds you plant manifest to help others. Also, seeing Minnie’s Food Pantry featured on the OWN Network’s show – Deion’s Family Playbook was a resolution come true for 2014. It’s my goal to make an impact on the community and reduce hunger! Next up – Super Soul Sunday with Oprah or a documentary about our work. Attending Oprah’s event with friends like Erica, Tracy, Anita, Kayla, RJ, Lonnell and Zakiya and meeting new OWN ambassadors.
  6. Me and the Hubby had a two hour meeting with Magic Johnson! Meeting new friends, Ida and Reggie Rembert has been a blessing to my life. Oh and Reggie, Jr. my little brother.
  7. When I tell you that you never know where God is going to take you and how He is going to answer even your smallest thoughts with the biggest blessing. My husband and I got invited to an all-expense paid vacation complete with a private jet and massages on the beach by some  incredible people. Thank you!
  8. I went to the premier of Annie in New York. I went with the intention of meeting Jamie Foxx to ask him to be the host of Minnie’s Food Pantry 2015 Gala. He said yes as long as we can make the dates work.
  9. The best donations are the ones worked the hardest for and Minnie’s Food Pantry received a donation from Heather who held a lemonade drive to raise money to give to us. Thank you Heather, you are a blessing!
  10. We had the best volunteers this year. From children to some really great companies  you all made the difference in helping Minnie’s Food Pantry feed the less fortunate. Even the City of Plano’s Mayor came out to donate and NTFB also partnered with Minnie’s for the Thanksgiving giveaway.
  11. Watching my son, RJ,  finally meet my friend Oprah! She treated him like he was her son! What a great friend. One son down one more to go (2015 it will happen)
  12. We moved into our new facility from 5oo square feet in 2008 to 11,000 square feet, we are making a difference because of you. How exciting is that?!
  13. Being able to team up with Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin and work on their tour, I could have never imagined that I would be in this arena. Talk about awesome!
  14. Being a correspondent for The Insider on the movie Heaven is For Real and also the red carpet host for Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities was an honor. I will do it again.
  15. Attending the Think Like a Man Too premier in New York. I met so many celebrities and I loved the experience. I enjoyed laughing with Kevin Hart and Will Packard. Actor Gerod Butler and I had an incredible conversation that I will share with you in my upcoming book.
  16. Our supporters voted to help us win $20,000 from Wal-Mart in the final days and they personally came to help us have the best Thanksgiving giveaway ever.  Over 10,000 fed for Thanksgiving!!
  17. Serving on Congressman Johnson’s Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) selection panel.
  18. Being a speaker at the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Single women and Young Boys was incredible. I  love motivating and helping everyone who is in need.
  19. I still have a few of my old friends, the ride or die ones, going into 2015 with me. The friends whose name don’t have to be mentioned here, but know I love them.  I am grateful for everyone of you. The Few and the Proud!!
  20. Watching Shovon say I do to Richard!
  21. Celebrating Erica’s graduation from college, I was one proud friend.
  22. Shay Geyer and Janet Dorsett were my Christmas Tree Angels. I had a dream of having a tree and they were donated and then decorated by Shay and Dorsett. WOW!
  23. Celebrating Ms. Minnie’s 69th birthday and getting that $20,000 donation on December 30th to help us reach our fundraising goal at the last moment.

It’s been a great one and big things are going to happen in 2015 and beyond. Check out some of my  2014 pictures!!!